Well Water Solutions

There are over 30,000 pesticides that are made from 600 chemical compounds – all potentially ending up in our water supply. Every year millions of gallons of hazardous chemical wastes are dumped into our environment. Our landfills, ponds, pits and lagoons in the U.S. contain some of the most dangerous substances known with the potential of ending up in our water supply.

It is easily noted that a water treatment system is in place for families and businesses running off of well water. The Water Doctor carries and installs the systems needed to make well water safe to use.


Product Information

The following water treatment systems are products typically used in a home or residential property using well water. Only the products needed to correct your water problems would be used, and that an entirely different product may be used that would be of more value to your home and finances. Each link opens an Adobe PDF document which highlights the selected product.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Purifiers & Water Disinfectant Equipment - Purifiers & Disinfectant equipment for well water

Durastill (Various Series) - clean, distilled water

Stenner Pumps - well water pumps

B&B MARK I - dry pellet chlorinator